Automotive Repair Phoenix, AZ

Brake Repair

Brake Repair Phoenix , Az

Any issues with your brakes is a cause for concern. Mello Motive Auto Repair technicians are trained and fully qualified to help you fix and replace your brakes.

Radiator Repair


Car radiator problems are quite common. To ensure that any malfunctions in your car radiator and cooling system is fixed quickly and efficiently, just contact Mello Motive Auto Repair.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

Your vehicle should always be properly maintained for maximum performance. For tune-ups, oil change, tire alignment and more, Mello Motive Auto Repair is your best bet.

Exhaust Repair


Exhaust issues can result to noises, vibrations and lower fuel efficiency. As such, it is important to have your exhaust system checked by Mello Motive Auto Repair.

Check Engine Light


Mello Motive Auto Repair can help you figure out what is wrong with your engine. We have state-of-the-art systems that can determine why your check engine light is on.

Transmission Repair

Vehicle Maintenance

Mello Motive Auto Repair can help you figure out your transmission system issues. We have the latest tools and technologies to make sure that your transmission system will run smoothly.

Oil Change


For quality oil replacement and oil change, just contact Mello Motive Auto Repair. We will help you maintain your vehicle and keep it in good running condition.

Car & Truck Ac Repair

ac and truck repair phoenix az

It is important to us that your air conditioning is working efficiently. That is why Mello Motive Auto Repair will help you diagnose and solve any problems related to your AC system.

Tire Repair

Vehicle Maintenance

Do you have a flat tire or having a problem with your tires? No worries, Mello Motive Auto Repair can definitely help you repair or replace your tires.

AC/ Performance Check
+ $49.99 A/C Service Work

$74.99 Value
REG $74.99 Freon
Limited Time Offer!

Oil Change

$29.99 Value
Up to 6 quarts Synthetic Blend. High Mileage, Dexos,Full Synthetic and Diesel/ Rotella extra.
Limited Time Offer!


$85 Value
The Regular price of 1 hour diagnostic time is $85 per hour. In some cases more than 1 hour is required.
Limited Time Offer!

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