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Brake Replacement & Maintenance

Your car’s brake system should always be in optimum condition for your safety. When you are experiencing any problem with it, bring it immediately to the best auto repair shop in Phoenix, AZ – Mello Motive Auto Repair. We have the most experienced and trusted mechanics who will be able to fix the problem for you. Contact us today at 602-276-3556

What are the most common issues in a car’s brake system?

Soft brake pedal
When your brake pedal feels soft or sinks without any resistance, there is definitely a problem. When this happens, stop and call for assistance as this can be very dangerous. This is usually caused by a leak internally or externally in the master cylinder.

Car pulls to the side when braking

This condition is often caused by the freezing of your car’s caliper. This may be due to the caliper piston being stuck in its bore, rust and corrosion, bent pistons or lost lubrication of the caliper slide pins. Another reason for the condition can also be a faulty proportioning valve or master cylinder. Other reasons can also include bad front tires or broken belts in a front tire.

Steering wheel shakes when brakes are applied

 This is a very common issue and has several causes such as warped front rotors, hot spots or slight irregularities on rotos due to heat or pad impressions, long periods when car remains idle, moisture from rain or high humidity and so on. However, this issue can usually be fixed by having the rotors resurfaced.

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Brake pedal pulses up and down when applying brakes

Warped rotors oftentimes cause this condition. This is because rotors are subject to the heating and cooling process and will oftentimes get deformed. However, this issues is most often easily address by either resurfacing the rotors or replacing them.


Whole car shakes when brakes are applied

This condition is oftentimes caused by the rear brakes. But the rule of thumb is that when there is shaking in the front end of the car, it will be felt in the steering wheel. Meanwhile, shaking in the rear of the car will affect the entire car.

When there is a problem with the brakes of your car, always remember that this will impact your safety. As such, you should never attempt a DIY or entrust your vehicle to an amateur technician. Mello Motive Auto Repair in Phoenix, AZ prides itself in its professional and very capable mechanics who can accurately pinpoint the issue for you and fix your car quickly and efficiently. As such, when you are experiencing brake issues or even any other problems, there is only one number to call, just dial 602-276-3556 to contact Mello Motive Auto Repair.

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