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For top-notch radiator repair service, there’s only one name you can trust – Mello Motive Auto Repair. We are the most reliable company in Phoenix, AZ whom you can trust not just with your auto cooling and heating systems but also, with every type of repair or maintenance needs of your vehicle. Just call us at 602-276-3556 .

If you are having a problem with your car radiator, you have to get it checked immediately as it usually causes dramatic malfunctions, including blowing a cloud of steam from the hood. However, when this happens, the problem may not be caused only by the radiator but other parts of your vehicle’s cooling system.

radiator repair Phoenix,AZ

The most common issues with your vehicle’s cooling/heating system:


Thermostat failure
The thermostat is not necessarily a part of the radiator but it controls the flow of the coolant in and out of it. As such, when the thermostat fails, it can immediately lead to the overheating of your car.

Leaky radiator hoses
When there is a leak, the most common problem must be the radiator hoses. This is because the hoses link the radiator to the engine and allow the coolant to flow between the two. They are very much subject to wear and tear.

Air in the cooling system
When air becomes trapped in the cooling system, the coolant will not be able to flow and thus might affect the efficiency of the entire system. When this happens, there is a need to remove air bubbles.

Radiator leaks
This is usually a complicated problem and definitely requires a trained professional as radiator leaks are quite tricky. When this happens, call Mello Motive Auto Repair immediately.

Water pump failure
The pump works to circulate water throughout the entire cooling system. The pump moves water through the radiator, past the pump, in the engine and then goes back into the radiator. Any malfunction may result to overheating.

radiator repair service phoenix az

Cooling system obstructions

Obstructions can block the cooling passages of the engine or radiator making it for difficult for the coolant to move. These can also restrict the flow of air affecting the radiator’s heat transfer.

Radiator fan failure

If your car overheats while idling or in traffic, the problem is usually the radiator fan. When this happens, it will definitely require replacement.

In order to fix any issues with your radiator and cooling system, it is important that proper coolant system evaluation is undertaken. We at Mello Motive Auto Repair in Phoenix, AZ understands this. As such, we offer the following services:

expert auto repair Phoenix, AZ

  • Quality service performed by a professional  technician
  • Visual inspection of entire coolant system, including belts, hoses, caps,
    clamps, cooling fans, water pump and radiator
  • Notation of any signs indicating overheating
  • Perform a Combustion Leak Test designed to identify internal leak(s)in the combustion system which may not be visible upon inspection
  • Oil and transmission fluid check to determine potential coolant leak in the engine
  • Perform pressure test on radiator cap and record findings
  • Top off coolant level if necessary
  • Injection of an ultraviolet tracer dye for a black light inspection of all coolant components to detect leak points
  • Courtesy Vehicle Inspection


So what are you waiting for? Get only the best auto repair service in Phoenix, AZ. Call Mello Motive Auto Repair now at 602-276-3556.

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