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We Specialize In Car & Truck AC Repair

A working car and truck air conditioner is a necessity in Arizona. If you are having any problems with your air conditioning, never hesitate to contact Mello Motive Auto Repair in Phoenix, AZ at 602-276-3556 . We are your partner to ensuring that your air conditioning is always in its best condition so you never have to suffer from the hot weather.

Note that if you feel there is a problem with your air conditioning, you should never ignore it. Postponing its maintenance check or repair may actually lead to damaging other parts of your car and may lead to more repairs in the future which might turn out to be more costly.

Car & Truck AC Repair

Mello Motive Auto Repair in Phoenix, AZ specializes in the following services:

car and truck ac repair phoenix, AZ

  • Major Air Conditioner System Rebuilding which may include the installation of a new AC compressor, new accumulator / dryer, Master O-ring replacement kit, recommended AC system oils, 1 quart pro AC system flush kit and 3lbs of R134 refrigerant. We will install a new A/C compressor unit, perform a complete flush of the evaporator core and condenser cores, replace the orifice tube or expansion valve, tests system for leaks, evacuate and recharge the system.
  • Minor Air Conditioner System Servicing which includes system performance check and system recharge with up to 1 can of R134A refrigerant.
  • Replacement/installation of O-rings, seals and hoses, compressors and compressor clutches, evaporators and condensers, driers, receivers and accumulators, switches, controls, modules and relays, and blower motors and resistors.
  • Comprehensive Coolant System Evaluation designed to pinpoint any issues that may exist within your air conditioning system and provide solutions.
  • Full inspection and maintenance checks which include hose tightening, belt adjustment, and electronic leak testing.

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The best thing about Mello Motive Auto Repair is our highest standard of service. We follow the strictest quality procedures in our repair process at a most cost-effective price. Our friendly and courteous mechanics and technicians will even provide you with advice to make sure that you keep your AC working in its most optimum condition.

Mello Motive Auto Repair understands that you need your car in the soonest possible time. This is why our service is not just friendly. We are also fast and efficient. We are known in the entire Phoenix area for our quick turn-around time. Aside from this, we are also well known in terms of the affordability of our services. We are the only auto repair shop in Phoenix that will always try to give you great service at the most fantastic price.

AC/ Performance Check
+ $49.99 A/C Service Work

$74.99 Value
REG $74.99 Freon
Limited Time Offer!

Oil Change

$29.99 Value
Up to 6 quarts Synthetic Blend. High Mileage, Dexos,Full Synthetic and Diesel/ Rotella extra.
Limited Time Offer!


$85 Value
The Regular price of 1 hour diagnostic time is $85 per hour. In some cases more than 1 hour is required.
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